The Appalachian Trail Conservancy Welcomes You to ATCamp!

In an effort to improve, we’ve made some changes to this site. If you registered your trip before February 6, 2024 and would like to view or change your registration, please create a login.

ATCamp is a voluntary hiker registration system provided by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC). The ATC encourages all hikers and leaders of organized groups (including youth groups) who plan to spend one or more nights camping on the A.T. to register on ATCamp. By using ATCamp, you

  • Help preserve and sustain the A.T. for future visits.
  • Prevent Crowding: the charts and calendars show numbers of other campers registered for a thru-hiker start date and for designated overnight sites. If a start date or overnight site is full, you can use ATCamp to select a less crowded start date or location.
  • Provide data that helps the ATC, land managing partners, and A.T. Maintaining Clubs manage and maintain the Trail.
  • Stay safe and informed on the Trail by signing up for Trail alerts and email updates.

Some important notes

  • ATCamp is not a reservation system. Completing a registration does not guarantee a spot in a shelter or campsite. Except in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, all A.T. shelters and campsites are first come, first served.
  • This registration does not replace required permits for Great Smoky Mountains (GRSM) and Shenandoah (SHEN) National Parks, or Baxter State Park.

A.T. Group Campers

Register an organized group (up to 10 people) for camping on the A.T.

A.T. Section Hiker

Register to camp one or more nights along the A.T.

A.T. Thru-Hiker

Register to hike the entire A.T. in a twelve month span (Flip-Flop, Southbound or Northbound)