A.T. Camper Registration

Hiking and camping along the Appalachian Trail, whether for one night or many, offers the adventure of a lifetime. By registering your camping plans, you will be able to avoid crowds and minimize the impact you have on fragile Trail resources.

Dealing With COVID-19 On the A.T.

At this time ATCamp is closed for registration. The ATC is continuing to ask hikers to postpone their journeys until further notice to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 to keep both the Trail and its broader community safe and healthy. We will re-open registration as soon as possible.  For more information visit this ATC link.

Thank you for registering your hike and taking the first step to reduce your impact on the A.T.

Check out the videos and information below to learn more ways you can be a responsible steward of the Appalachian Trail.

What is the best method for storing your food? 
Where should you store your food? 
Test your knowledge about Leave No Trace principles - earn a certificate!  
Learn how ATC and our partners maintain and protect the A.T.  

select a registration type

There are currently no registration types available online. Please check back later.

  1. Enter your itinerary in sequential order - from starting point/date, to campsites, to the end point of your trip.
  2. Your itinerary must begin with a start point. The map will limit the displayed icons to possible start points until you select one and a start date. After that, the map will display the shelters/campsites that you can add to your itinerary, and will automatically pick the date. To select a map icon, click the bottom of the icon on the map.
  3. Use the map key to show/hide various icons if you wish.
  4. When "full", campsites or sections of the A.T. with capacities (quotas) that are in your itinerary will show a RED date on the calendar, and you will not be able to register for that site on the "full" date. Please select another site (or A.T. section) which still has space.
  5. Campsites and shelters show the design capacity when clicked.  The calendar shows the number of other people registered for the site, both in the site info and on the calendar date box (below and to the left of the date number). If the campsite or shelter does not have a quota, you can still see if the site will be over design capacity on the night you register - and avoid it if it is over capacity.
  6. Click "Continue With Registration" to fill in your personal info, and when done with that click "Review Registration".
  7. After you have submitted your completed A.T. camping registration you will receive a PDF via e-mail with your itinerary.
  8. If your plans change and you are no longer able to keep your planned schedule please cancel your hike.
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