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A.T. Thru-Hiker Registration Form

Thank you for doing your part to reduce crowding on the Appalachian Trail by registering your Thru-Hike.  Here are a few important registration tips:

  • A registration is not a reservation.
  • Thru-hikers with a partner can submit one registration.
  • Northbounders: START SMART by beginning your hike at Amicalola Falls State Park.  The dirt roads to Springer Mountain are likely impassable in February and March due to bad weather and extremely muddy and poor road conditions, and parking is limited near Springer.
  • Southbounders and flip-floppers: Snow, ice and high water from snow melt make a Southbound hike from Katahdin prior to June 1 ill-advised. 
  • Thru-hikers only need to register a start location and date; you may enter your campsites, but it is not required.

To register your hike, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Use the Thru-hiker Registration Charts to pick a start day that is below the A.T's maximum camping capacity as shown by the red line on the registration charts.  Crowding harms the A.T and during the pandemic is unsafe.  Picking a start date over capacity makes it difficult to find a campsite, and creates barren, muddy campsites, lines at privies and water sources, food storage devices with no room, and an inability to physical distance. The purpose of ATCamp and the charts is to provide you with a tool so you can spread out.

THEN come back to this registration page to continue.

STEP 2: Select a starting point.  The map will only display possible starting points until you select one and a start date. Once you select a starting point, the map will display shelters/campsites that you can add to your itinerary; ATCamp will automatically pick the consecutive dates.  

TIP: Picking camping sites is not required for thru-hikers - Go to Step 3.

STEP 3: Click "Continue With Registration" to fill in your personal info, and when you are done click "Review Registration".

STEP 4: Check your e-mail for a message from ATCamp that confirms your registration and provides useful thru-hiking tips.

STEP 5: If your plans change, please cancel your registration on ATCamp so your spot will be available for another hiker.

This registration system is continually being improved. If you have questions or comments, please contact us - at info@appalachiantrail.org. Thank you!

Trip Information
  • You can construct your itinerary by selecting shelters/campsites etc. from the map.
  • A start date and location is required.
  • To begin building your itinerary, click the button below. Select the state you will start your trip in and then select a location from the map where you will access the AT (and start your trip). Then select the start date of your trip from the displayed calendars.
  • Your itinerary will be displayed here once you have started building it.
Use the map below to enter your itinerary.
Start by entering your start point, then enter the rest of your itinerary.
Be as accurate as you can for the dates and areas for your trip as some of the areas might have quotas in place.
Click on the icons or section name for details and availability or use.
If at any time the AT or icons are not visible for an area, use the "Jump to State" list to reload the state you want to view.
Your Itinerary Information
Thru-hikers only need to enter a start date and location to complete registration. Do not try to enter your entire thru-hike itinerary.
Date Resource Mileage Section

Max # days per Registration: 240

You can use the "Add Zero Day Off Trail" button to add a day off trail OR to add a day in a section that has a separate permit system.
When you are finished selecting the areas for your itinerary, click the "Continue With Registration" button to fill out the rest of your hiking registration.

Registration Holder Information

All fields are required unless marked as optional.

ATC Information
Enter your mobile number with no dashes. Only the carriers listed below are supported.
If your carrier is not listed here, please mention it in the comments below and we will work on adding it.
The Appalachian Trail Conservancy's commitment to diversity includes the recognition that our mission is best supported by the contributions of individuals of diverse backgrounds. The information you provide will give valuable insight regarding the changing demographics of the A.T. hiking community. This data will not be shared with external parties and will be used for internal purposes only.

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Date Resource Mileage Section

Trip Information